Scheduled Server Maintenance – WP05

Date: 12 May 2011
Start Time: 12:00AM MDT
Estimation Time: 1-2 hour

Maintenance Impact:
Apply Custom Kernel and reboot the server to apply the resource limit setting.

Maintenance Effect:
All services such as Web, Email and MySQL will be interrupted during the reboot.


In order to improve our services from shared environment server, we are always looking a ways to improve the performance of the server. We will convert the current shared environment server to run custom kernel which will improve stabillity, optimize server density and reduce downtime from the web services.


1. What I need to do if my web site is hosted on this server?
– Basically you do not need to do anything. We WPWebHost Technical Support will take care of everything during this maintenance.

2. What is the different with previous shared environment with custom kernel?
– Custom kernel enhances the resource allocation among shared hosting accounts. It helps to improve the stability of the shared hosting server to avoid one account to fully utilize the server resource, and affects other shared hosting account at the same time.

3. What is the resource limit being set?
– It will be following the shared environment server resource available from our product page such as detail below.
CPU Usage: 15% of the server CPU (please note that the server is running 8 cores CPU)
Concurrent Connection: 20
Memory Usage: 384MB

4. Why you said the CPU usage is 15% only but I am getting more than 15% from my cPanel stats bar?
– The information show from your cPanel statistic bar is your account current usage but not the whole server usage.

5. Can I disable resource limit from my account?
– The answer is simply no as it is applied to the server wide.

6. How can I increase the limit of the resource Setting?
– Unfortunately you are not allowed to do that, you could contact the support team to get any advice.

7. Why I’m getting Error 503 Service Temporary Unavailable error on my site?
– It is more likely the restricted concurrent connection hit, you shall consider upgrade your hosting account to higher level package to suit your webhosting needs.

8. Why I’m getting Error 500 Internal Server Error on my site after the upgrade?
– It is more likely the restricrted memory resource hit, you shall consider upgrade your hosting account to higher level package to suit your webhosting needs.

Best Regards,

Support Team
Technical Support Department

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