WPWebHost Attended WordCamp Singapore, Jakarta & Kuala Lumpur 2017

WPWebHost Attended WordCamp Singapore, Jakarta & Kuala Lumpur 2017

WPWebHost is always supporting the local community and events in any way we can. Recently, we had a great success sponsoring and participating in WordCamp Singapore #WCSG, WordCamp Jakarta #WCJKT & WordCamp #WordCampKL. As a proud sponsor, we were truly excited to meet WordPress enthusiasts, developers and bloggers to learn all about the latest news and trends of WordPress.
With our valued partner, Valdimir from Plesk

What is WordCamp?
WordCamp is a conference that focuses on everything about WordPress.
WordCamps are informal community-organized events that are put together by WordPress for users like you. Everyone – from casual users to core developers – participate, share ideas, and get to know each other throughout the camp duration.
At WPWebHost, we find great satisfaction in being able to offer reliable and affordable Managed WordPress Hosting to small businesses, web developers, designers, and even tech startups. No matter what WP issues you face — slow WordPress websites, how to start a WordPress website, etc — WPWebHost can help!
Good luck to all the participants and we hope to see you all again soon at WordCamps!

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[COMPLETED] Immediate Network Maintenance

Date: 18th May 2011
Start Time: 2:28 PM MDT to 2:50 PM MDT
Completion Time: Unknown
Maintenance Details:
The data center BGP route map hardware problem causing the internal and external connectivity outage.
Maintenance Effect:
Your website(s)/server(s) might not be accessible during the above time and the issue is being fixed by the network team.
Best Regards,
Support Team
Technical Department

Date: May 19, 2011

Time: 12:01 AM GMT-600 (MDT) – 3:00AM GMT-600 (MDT)

Purpose of Work: Upgrade IOS on core routers and switches.

Impact of Maintenance:
Customers will experience 10-15 minutes of packet loss and latency during the maintenance window as routers are upgraded and rebooted.

Description of Maintenance:
Today’s earlier outage has been attributed to a BGP memory leak in Cisco IOS, for which there is a recently released fix. We will be deploying this update during the above noted maintenance window to prevent similar events from impacting our network in the future.
Best Regards,
Support Team
Technical Department

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WPWebHost awarded with TRUSTe Privacy Seal

MAY 12, 2011 − WPWebHost, a hosting company acquired by Exabytes Network Pvt. Ltd on 2008 has recently been awarded TRUSTe Privacy Seal effective from 5th May 2011 by TRUSTe , a company which operates the world’s largest privacy seal program, certifying more than 3,500 websites including Facebook, Microsoft, Apple Inc., eBay and many more.
WPWebHost, a key industry player in the niche market of WordPress hosting had been keen to obtain the Privacy Seal by TRUSTe to ensure a peace of mind among its customers when providing personal information for online purchases as well as greater confidence regarding the handling of consumer data by WPWebHost. “Not only do we want to assure our customers the best privacy practices at WPWebHost, we are fully aware that privacy and data security practices keep evolving nowadays. With the award of TRUSTe Privacy Seal, we are confident to constantly keep up with the evolving regulatory standards of online privacy,” Luis Ku, the manager of WPWebHost was quoted as saying.
TRUSTe earlier introduced the concept of ‘Truth in Privacy’, which incorporated the privacy values of transparency, choice and accountability. According to its CEO Chris Babel, thousands of companies rely on TRUSTe’s leading privacy trustmark to enhance consumer trust, drive increased registrations and transactions, and comply with complex privacy requirements. Consumers know that when they see the TRUSTe seal they can “Click with Confidence” because the certified website is responsible with their personal information. TRUSTe has certified more than 40 percent of the top fifty websites including Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft, eBay, AOL, Adobe, AT&T, Comcast, Disney, Weather.com, Apple, LinkedIn, Web MD, and Yelp.
“At WPWebHost, we understand customer concerns more than anything else. We greatly welcome the recent award of TRUSTe Privacy Seal in line with our constant effort to increase customer satisfaction,” according to Luis.

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[COMPLETED] Scheduled CDN System Upgrade

Date: 2011-05-12 (Thursday)
Start time (MYT): 20:00:00(GMT+8)
End time (MYT): 22:00:00(GMT+8)
Services affected: Portal and API
Maintenance Details :
Upgrade work for the current production system to V2.15.1.
Effect of Maintenance :
CDN delivery will continue working as usual. Portal and API access will probably be offline for up to two hours. Customers will therefore be unable to add/edit sites or servers during this outage window.

Best Regards,
Support Team
Technical Department

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Scheduled Server Maintenance – WP05

Date: 12 May 2011
Start Time: 12:00AM MDT
Estimation Time: 1-2 hour
Maintenance Impact:
Apply Custom Kernel and reboot the server to apply the resource limit setting.
Maintenance Effect:
All services such as Web, Email and MySQL will be interrupted during the reboot.
In order to improve our services from shared environment server, we are always looking a ways to improve the performance of the server. We will convert the current shared environment server to run custom kernel which will improve stabillity, optimize server density and reduce downtime from the web services.
1. What I need to do if my web site is hosted on this server?
– Basically you do not need to do anything. We WPWebHost Technical Support will take care of everything during this maintenance.
2. What is the different with previous shared environment with custom kernel?
– Custom kernel enhances the resource allocation among shared hosting accounts. It helps to improve the stability of the shared hosting server to avoid one account to fully utilize the server resource, and affects other shared hosting account at the same time.
3. What is the resource limit being set?
– It will be following the shared environment server resource available from our product page such as detail below.
CPU Usage: 15% of the server CPU (please note that the server is running 8 cores CPU)
Concurrent Connection: 20
Memory Usage: 384MB
4. Why you said the CPU usage is 15% only but I am getting more than 15% from my cPanel stats bar?
– The information show from your cPanel statistic bar is your account current usage but not the whole server usage.
5. Can I disable resource limit from my account?
– The answer is simply no as it is applied to the server wide.
6. How can I increase the limit of the resource Setting?
– Unfortunately you are not allowed to do that, you could contact the support team to get any advice.
7. Why I’m getting Error 503 Service Temporary Unavailable error on my site?
– It is more likely the restricted concurrent connection hit, you shall consider upgrade your hosting account to higher level package to suit your webhosting needs.
8. Why I’m getting Error 500 Internal Server Error on my site after the upgrade?
– It is more likely the restricrted memory resource hit, you shall consider upgrade your hosting account to higher level package to suit your webhosting needs.
Best Regards,
Support Team
Technical Support Department

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Meet Us at WordCamp Indonesia 2011

Meet Us at WordCamp Indonesia 2011

WordCamp is coming again! This time the event will be taking place in Jan 29-30, 2011 in Bumi Sangkuriang, Bandung.
WordCamp is a gathering designed for the WordPress community, from casual users to developers together participate, share ideas and learn from each other.
WPWebHost and our hosting partner, InstantCDN.Asia are proud to become the sponsors for WordCamp Indonesia 2011. Not only that, we will be one of the participants in this wonderful event.
Standard admission fee is USD 28. Contact us by email to admin@wpwebhost.com and we can get you an admission ticket for only USD25! So don’t miss this exclusive deal brought to you by WPWebHost.
For more info on WordCamp Indonesia 2011, visit http://wordcampindonesia.com/
We are looking forward to see you there!

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