High Fives from Inspiredology

One of our favorite customer, Chad from Inspiredology has organized a fantastic contest called “High Fives”. The cool thing about this is, it has gather prizes worth $5000 for five winners. Wow, that certainly beats our previous competition.

How to join? Quoting from the contest’s post:

Submit a “Top 5 List” relating to the design industry. For example “Top 5 One Page Portfolios”, “Top 5 Social Networks”, “Top 5 Design Competitions”. To submit your links, just place the “Top 5 List” in your comment. We will pick the 5 best lists, which then will be posted to Inspiredology and rewarded with one of our cool prize packages.

That’s it. Submit a comment of your Top 5 list and stand a chance to win the great prizes.

There are four more days left. What are you waiting for?

3 thoughts on “High Fives from Inspiredology

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