Naldz Graphics is Back!

About 2 months ago, one of our participant’s website of the coolest blog competition mysteriously went offline. We tried every method there is to get in touch with owner – simply because the website has every single reason to be the top finalist. Unfortunately, the website remained offline, while we couldn’t get to the owner, it broke our heart to exclude it out from the Finals.
Now, we couldn’t be happier.
Oh yes. Naldz Graphics is finally back. Better yet, it’s hosted with us. Great decision, Ronald!
Before you rush off to visit Naldz Graphics, we would like to share two important lessons from the incident.
1. Fully Own Your Domain Name
Having your details in your domain name’s WHOIS information and having the management of your domain name are completely two different things. Your domain name has to be always under your control. Which means, you must have the power (and responsibilities) to lock, transfer, renew, and modify the DNS of your domain name.
2. Get Your Own Hosting (and backup often)
While it’s tempting when somebody else offer to host for you free, it’s crucial to get your own hosting. The primary reason is, again, you will be (and need to be) fully in control and won’t become a victim when the hosting account got suspended or gone for whatever reason. And, don’t forget to perform a full backup at least once a week (it takes 2 clicks to do that in our control panel).
If you own a website but have trouble owning full control on your domain or hosting, you know who to seek for help. 😉

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