New Website Design: WP WebHost 2.0

We have upgraded our website (made it before 2009, yay!) to a new interface and design. Instead of the previous sales-letter style of presentation, we are now going for a more traditional approach of web design.


WP Freedom Blog + WP WebHost = WP WebHost 2.0

You might be wondering where did our blog go? Well, we’ve integrated it under our main page. Now you can directly see the blog updates through our homepage.


New Section: Customer Listing

We are proud of the customers we host. So, we handpicked a few customers and made a page specially about them. If you host with us and wanted to get yourself listed there, just ask.


“Best of WordPress” Blogroll

If you look at the bottom of our sidebar, you’ll notice a blogroll titled “Best of WordPress”. Yes, we’ve listed every single WordPress ninjas, masters, gurus, sifus and rockstars there. It only shows five at a time, and rotate randomly.


Affiliate Program quietly sneaks in

Surprisingly, even before we announce it, there are already a few of our customers signed up as affiliates (they act so fast that they deserved a prize!). But, we’ll save it for the next post on our affiliate program. If you can’t wait, head over there and sign up first.


Thank You: Think Design & Qkin

We owe both Think Design and Qkin a huge credit as our new design is modded from their excellent Versatility Lite theme. The theme is perfectly coded, clean, simple and solid. Oh, and it’s FREE. That my friend, is the beauty of WordPress and the community.


What do you think of our new design?

Like it? Hate it? Tell us what do you think. 🙂


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