How To Move Your WordPress Site To WP WebHost

There are 2 ways to move your WordPress-powered Website to your new hosting account in WP WebHost. Let us show you how.

The first is the easiest. Just shoot our support team an email along with your old hosting account’s control panel login information and we’ll do the rest.

The second way, especially if you are concerned about providing your control panel login information, is to do it yourself. In this post, we will lay down 10 easy steps to completely move your site to WP WebHost without any error, or downtime.

Software required: FTP software(we recommend FileZilla).


First Phase: Download files and database from old hosting account.

Step 1. Use the FTP software of your choice to login to your old hosting account. Copy the ‘wp-content’ folder (which stores all the uploads, themes and plugins of WordPress) to your hard drive.

Step 2. Login to your old hosting account’s control panel. If it has phpMyAdmin, go there and backup your database to your hard drive. Else, refer to your old hosting company’s support to download the database.


Second Phase: Upload files and database to new account.

Step 3. Login your WP WebHost Control Panel (login information can be found in the ‘Welcome Email’ upon setup). Click on Fantastico, and select WordPress. Follow the instruction to install WordPress on your new hosting account.

Step 4. Use FTP to login to your WP WebHost hosting account. Replace the ‘wp-content’ folder with the folder you’ve downloaded from your old hosting account in your hard drive.

Step 5. Go back to your WP WebHost Control Panel. Click on phpMyAdmin. Select the database (should be named ‘wrdp1’). Click ‘Import’ and select the database file you saved in your hard drive. This should restore the database in your new WordPress installation.


Third Phase: Test, test, test!

Believe it or not, you have completely move your WordPress site to WP WebHost. If both installations are different version, you can simply go to the admin interface of your new account and follow the steps to upgrade. For now, it’s important to test everything before we switch over the DNS (Domain Name Server) of your domain name.

Step 6. From Step 5, you should still have your phpMyAdmin windows opened (if not, just go back to it). Select the table ‘wp_options’ at the sidebar (of phpMyAdmin). Click ‘Browse’ (the tab on top) to view the table data.

Step 7. The first field of the table is ‘siteurl’. Currently, it should be showing your domain name. Edit it (click on the ‘pencil icon’), and change it to your WP WebHost temporary URL (the information is contained in your ‘welcome email’ too). The temporary URL should looks like this: “”. Click ‘Go’ to save it.

Step 8. The second field of the table you need to change is ‘home’. Click on the ‘right arrow’ sign below your table to go to the second page. Locate the field ‘home’ and edit it. Similar with Step 7, replace it with your temporary URL.

Step 9. You are ready to test your website on WP WebHost now. Paste the temporary URL in your browser. You should see your WordPress-powered website running. Browse the posts and pages on your site to make sure everything is fine.

Step 10. Once everything works well, go back to the phpMyAdmin and switch both ‘siteurl’ and ‘home’ field to your domain name. Then, go to your domain registrar and change the DNS of your domain name to:
(i) (ii)

You are all set! The domain name propagation period takes around 24-72 hours. To avoid any down time, please make sure your old hosting account is still up within the propagation period.

As you can see, moving the website can involve some hassle. If you are stuck in the step, just contact our support right away and we will help you get through it.

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