5 Simple Ways To Housekeep WordPress Dashboard

WordPress itself is a very cool platform for blogging  and no wonder it is voted as the one of the most preferred CMS in the world. Now if you are one of WordPress user, ask yourself how frequent do you run housekeeping  as below simple ways
1. Removing unwanted or inactive plugins.
2. Removing unauthorized authors and disable user registrations if the function is not required.
3. Removing old or unused themes. Theme files tend to use up a lot of diskspace especially the themes with integrated frameworks.
4. Clear your posts and pages trash. There is no point keeping this trash if you have deleted it at first. If you feel like you will need it in the future, change it to draft instead keeping them in trash.
5. Trash your spam comment frequently if you have spam blocker plugins like Akismet is activated. It will eventually spare up thousands of entries on your database.
By practicing the above, you will get to free up your hosting disk space and unclog your database entries with only the vital information and eventually your WordPress blog will load faster.
As for you yourself, you will feel much more clean and easy to workaround your WordPress.
Trust me, your body will feel more relaxed too with clean working environment. 🙂

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