10 Useful Online Resources for You to Learn WordPress Coding

10 Useful Online Resources for You to Learn WordPress Coding

There are ways for non-coders to use WordPress without having the need to learn to code. Still, a lot of computer geeks and even ordinary people online can’t deny the benefits of learning WordPress development or any coding language. Learning WordPress coding is valuable because it allows you to utilize your website the way you want it to.

Although it’s true that getting the gist of WordPress coding won’t be like a walk in the park, nothing is impossible if you have the willingness to learn it. Plus, there are resources that you can go to for you to learn this “coding thing.” For a little help, we listed here the top resources for learning WordPress development.

WordPress Codex

WordPress Codex is an excellent free knowledge archive, presented by WordPress. org, that will walk you through topics about WordPress development. In this site, you can learn the basics of WordPress, such as how to create pages and posts and how to utilize themes and plugins. There are also advanced topics like how to debug a network and create a plugin.

The Codex is split into sections that provide knowledge to a wide range of learners, from beginners and theme developers to webmasters and web developers. It’s also a big help to look up the Code Reference database to gather information on all of the functions, methods, hooks, and classes about WordPress.


Lynda is another excellent repository of online courses. You can find in this site a myriad of learning materials for different domains and users. There are topics in advertising, photography, 3D animation, and WordPress development. Lynda is now owned by Linkedin, a guarantee that the content you’ll learn here comes from professionals.

Starters can gain knowledge about WordPress basics in Lynda from making and maintaining a blog to creating advanced content about WP-CLI tutorials and Accelerated Mobile Pages. The good thing is that the courses here are user-friendly to make it easier for you to learn.

There are text-based courses for students who opt for learning through reading than watching videos. Video tutorials also have closed-captioning intended for people who have a hearing impairment. Lynda comes with a 30 days free trial. Then you have to pay $19.99 a month for subscriptions.


Specially designed for WordPress beginners, this site provides users with free video tutorials and beginner-level guides and topics. If you want to learn how to start a blog, make your website accessible through different media, and solve web errors, this is the go-to resource for you. You can also visit WPBeginner’s YouTube channel to learn those things.


Udemy is an online learning site that provides professionally made tutorials on a wide range of topics like WordPress development. Beginners and pros can go to this site with online courses that include quizzes and learning aids to gauge their knowledge.

After your subscription to a course, you can now reference those learning materials whenever you like because they are permanently yours. Udemy is a great resource to learn WordPress coding in a more structured method. There are some courses that you can access for free, but paid learning materials only cost as low as $10.

Code Academy

Code Academy is a learning repository that offers different online courses for advanced coders. It includes in-depth tutorials about JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and PHP. Although there are only a few materials about learning WordPress specifically, those advanced topics mentioned above are doors that will lead you to become a pro WordPress coder.

It’s advisable to check out these courses because they are intended with the thought in mind of active participation. You learn through Code Academy by resolving problems and completing tasks for every lesson. You can also get lessons about many programming languages like Ruby, SQL, Python, and jQuery.

Code Tutplus

An online news magazine that caters to web developers and designers, Tutplus is another go-to site to learn about WordPress coding. You can have in this site various video tutorials, blog posts, and books intended for WordPress users. Tutplus is an excellent resource to look for the latest news and other related stuff in the world of WordPress.


TreeHouse is a popular online learning resource dedicated to web geeks and coding enthusiasts. The archive in this site is well-supplied with exciting stuff that will enable you to learn HTML and VR.

HTML, PSP, and CSS are essential for you to be an excellent WordPress developer. And thanks to TreeHouse, you can have access to these topics with ease. Courses come through chapters, so it’s easier for you to learn a section or the entire course about a particular topic.

WPMU Dev Academy

If you’re looking for a way to gain insights about how to create WordPress plugins and themes, you can check out this site! There several online courses available in this online academy for you to get lessons about coding and web development.

For starters, it’s a must to check “WordPress Development for Beginners presented by Daniel Pataki. In this course, you’ll be introduced to PHP and WP themes and plugins. Then, there’s the “WordPress Development for Intermediate Users” taught by Rachel McCollin. After that, you’ll go to “Advanced WordPress Development” by Daniel Pataki.

WP Apprentice

A subscription to WP Apprentice will introduce you to the basics of WordPress. There’s a comprehensive archive of articles and video tutorials about coding and web development.

According to its site, WP Apprentice is a place where you can have a better grasp of WordPress in just an hour. Well, you can attest to it once you access the courses that provide detailed content that is understandable by beginners.


Do you want to start creating a blog site or an e-commerce site? Well, you should subscribe now to WP101!

The site offers more than 100 video content in their archive, from WordPress courses on making themes, plugins, etc. The good thing is that the video lessons are multimedia-friendly. There are also the latest videos to keep the online course relevant.


There are a lot of reasons why you should learn WordPress coding. Learning it allows you to hone essential skills in life such as problem-solving, creativity, communication, research, and organization. It’s also the number one skill that modern employers look for in an individual nowadays. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to learn WP coding now!

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