WordPress Plugins for multiplying your Success

WordPress is simple but becomes powerful by its plugins. Plugins are useful for Search Engine Optimization, displaying ads, securing the blog, spreading the content etc.

In this tutorial, we will learn about some great plugins. We will also learn how to use them for multiplying our success and to get more with our favorite WordPress. 🙂

So, let’s begin.


Are you familiar with PubSubHubBub? It is an extension of Atom/RSS. It is great because with PubSubHubBub, you can ‘Push‘ your content into Search Engines and to your readers (in their RSS or Feed Readers).

Suppose, you write something very useful about a trendy topic. A topic which is very hot and thousands of peoples are searching for it. Use Google Trends for finding what is hot now.

So, you write something and it indexed by Google in 5 minutes. Your readers get it within a minute in their feed readers.

Yeah! You read correctly. Indexing in Google just in 5 minutes.

Seems Impossible? Well, and then have a proof.

Push Press

Think about the possibilities. To be indexed in search engines is a success in term of SEO but with PushPress (WordPress Plugin for PubSubHubBub) your will multiply it several time because of faster indexation.

Thank me Later

Another wonderful Plugin!  Using Thank me later, you can send an email to the first time commenters. Don’t ask me what you will send in the mail? It may contain information about simple thanks, subscriptions, Free Reports, Reasons to subscribe, best posts or anything.

If you use the plugin effectively, you will convert a First time commenter (Success) into your reader or clients. 🙂

Thank me Later

Comment Redirect

A very new reader comments on your content. It is also a success because you just converted a simple reader into a higher engagement level commenter.

So, How to multiply this success? Well, have an Example.

Glen of Viperchill does it by redirecting first time commenters into a special page.Glen after comment page

This page contains information about ViperChill Subscription. Thus, Glen gets more new subscribers.

You can also apply the same technique using Comment Redirect plugin. It is a plugin from WordPress Rockstar Joost de Valk.

How to use Comment Redirect Plugin?

1) Download and activate the Plugin.

2) Build a Special page. This page may contains information about Subscription, special reports, Freebie or a special Product.

3) Redirect first time Commenters to that page and get more profit.


Affiliate Marketing is the most popular way to monetize your blog. You often recommend your readers something very valuable thing and earn some bucks by it.

GoCodes is boon for the Affiliate Marketing. It simply helps to you structure an Affiliate URL into something like yourblog.com/go/affiliate. Profits?

  1. Trust in the links
  2. Link tracking.
  3. More Clicks i.e. More success.
  4. Go Codes

Fast and Secure Contact Form

A contact form is a Good way to allow your visitors to contact you. There are plenty of plugins available for WordPress by which you can also create contact form.

Whatever the reason (Sorry to say, but no Spamming) but whenever a person contacts you is a success. It possesses more importance when you are offering a service (Hire me, Get Consultation etc.) and your contact page is the only option by which an interested person can contact you.

Fast and Secure Contact form plugins does the great job here. It is very secure and you can also redirect a person to a special page (Just as you did in Comment Redirect Plugin case) after they use the form to contact you.

redirection after contact form

So, build a special page again, which should contains very useful information like replying time, your other contact information (in case of urgent need), something valuable content or a relevant product.

Useful, isn’t it?

So, these were the three most important plugins for multiplying your success. But wait, there are some more.

We will have their short introduction now.

1) WP Greet Box: The plugin automatically detects the incoming visitors (from where they are coming) and display the relevant thing to them. You can also use this plugin to greet your visitor and motivate them to do something.

Wp Greet Box

2) Link With In: This plugin displays the images of related posts or contents just after your post. So, you can increase the Pages/visit ratio using this wonderful plugin.


3) Subscribe to Comments: Another plugin about comment section. By using this plugin, you can turn your blog something like forum.

Notify me Plugins

Well, these are the plugins which helps you to get more with WordPress. It is also a strong reason behind my WordPress love. Similar type of functionality isn’t available in the other CMSs and as simple as in WordPress.

So, it was all about the great plugins. What you think? Do you also use these or similar plugins for getting more with WordPress? Please share your thoughts by dropping some lines here.

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