Why you shouldn’t have only ONE domain for your website?

Most of us usually purchase one domain name with .COM extension when first setting up a blog or website.

Due to .com popularity, many webmasters and bloggers like you think only in terms of .com. when create websites. And this, could lead to some devastating effects to your websites which you might not be aware of.

  • Your traffic is stolen. Say your website is yoursite.com, your competitor can register yoursite.net or yoursite.org to steal your visitors who happen to browse .net/.org. Also when people google your site, they might accidentally click on other sites such as yoursite.net or yoursite.org.
  • Your brand/image gets damaged. Imagine you have a healthy living blog mylongerlifeblog.com. Your visitors accidentally visit mylongerlifeblog.net, and it turns out to be a porn site! The visitor will be truly amazed by your “healthy way of living”.
  • You might spend more money. There are squatters who identify and register other domain name extensions of popular sites with the intent of selling them later for a profit. If you have a website yoursite.com, you will need to spend much more money in order to acquire yoursite.net domain if it has been registered by someone else.

YOUR DOMAIN NAME IS YOUR BRAND. Don’t let it become vulnerable to opportunists and competitors.

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