Why you should secure multiple domain name ?

Why you should secure multiple domain name ?


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It is always a good idea to secure alternate versions of your primary domain name simply to prevent competitors from trying to squeeze in on your name and branding efforts.

Buying multiple domain names is a great strategy that can be used to capture additional type-in traffic, secure other branding avenues you may wish to pursue, or simply to prevent your competitors from securing them.


Why you should secure multiple domain extension?

  • Protect your identity from being stolen and build a brand name.
  • You can capitalize all the traffic when people uses keywords to search in their search engine.
  • Improve your chances of ranking well within search engines around the world.



Type-in traffic is when someone goes to the address bar of their web browser and types in keywords.com instead of performing a keyword search on a search engine. Securing domain names with a fair amount of type-in traffic can be a great boost to sales.

Here’s an example if you are selling themes and the list below are your domains:

  • greatthemes.com
  • nicethemes.com
  • sweetthemes.com

When someone type the keyword “themes”, you can capture potential type-in traffic you might also secure and redirect to your main url or domain if you have multiple domains instead of giving away the potential to others.


Plural and/or singular versions of your domain

It is always a good idea to secure potential plural and/or singular versions of your domain name. This allow you to capture all traffic from any people that may have had a different spelling of your site in mind, which may increase your visitor rate.

Here’s an example:

  • greatsthemes.com
  • greattheme.com


Different Domain Extensions

Sometimes people might take advantage on your website by registering other domain extensions and they may actually do better than your current domain extension. It’ll be best to eliminate your competitor by having different extensions of your existing domain name.

Here’s an example:

  • greatthemes.net
  • greatthemes.org
  • greatthemes.info


Hyphenated version

For marketing purposes, however, there are sometimes legitimate reasons to do so. Some of our clients purchased the hyphenated version simply to prevent a competitor from securing it and stealing their branding.

Here’s an example:

  • great-themes.com



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