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Nowadays, blogs are used primarily not for the owner’s daily experience and thoughts, but to make money in it. Yet, most of those bloggers who are making money online through their blogs are no longer satisfied with the long-established blog skin, thus, using the new trend of the themes, the new hype in this era in blogosphere – the magazine-style of WordPress theme.




A lot of bloggers now are turning away their blogs from the conventional type of theme. A magazine-style theme, who is now taking the peak of the superb and smashing designs of WordPress skins, turns to be one of the in-demand templates for SEO-based websites. Thus, is said to be an SEO-friendly design. It is relatively the softcopy of newspapers, from its name itself, or columned-magazines that we are purchasing.
Magazine-style theme of WordPress shows you a variety of posts, may it be from different categories, or tags. It allows you to give a better approach and impact to your would-be readers that are not only focusing on one topic, especially, if your blog focuses on different niche (e.g. technology, fashion, health, books, etc.)

The screenshot is JohnChow‘s blog using a magazine-style template.



Through its name, magazine, it is made up of columns, articles, and pictures. What makes magazine-style themes different and stand out from the rest of the themes is its unique way of showing the visitors its content, not focusing on the newest post that the blogger did, unlike the conventional way of WordPress theme.

  • A magazine-style WordPress theme is divided into sections/columns.
    Columns are also used in the old-type of themes of WordPress (two-column, three-column), yet, a magazine-style of WordPress theme takes you to the new world of layouting. Unlike the usual way of lay-outing where posts are found right after its title, and the latest article settles on the upper most part of your blog, a magazine-style theme can give you the chance to modify and tweak where you want each of your post to be positioned. Though, a lot of effort shall be exerted.

    A screenshot from demo theme of a magazine-style design.
  • A magazine-style WordPress theme contains not only one post, but a lot of posts from different categories.
    Unlike the old way of WordPress themes, the magazine-style WordPress theme gives you the privilege of showing more than one posts. You may insert posts coming from different categories of your blog, and assemble it in which your readers will be more eager of reading your articles.

    A screenshot from demo theme of a magazine-style design.

  • A magazine-style WordPress theme contains post thumbnails.
    Unlike the usual design of a blog, a magazine-style of theme gives you the privilege to insert images or thumbnails that are related to your post. Just for example, if your post deals with the new gadget that made everyone go gaga, you can easily insert its image in your post. That will make your visitor and reader more interested of reading your posts. As psychology states, most of the readers are getting engrossed of reading an article if it contains at least one picture. Just like in magazines, a magazine will not be complete without one or two pictures in each of its pages.

    A screenshot from my theme in my blog.
  • A magazine-style WordPress theme contains snippets, summaries, and excerpts from every post that is visible in the homepage.
    As what is stated, a magazine-style WordPress theme shows not only the latest post from all your posts, but a lot of posts coming from different categories. Yet, for better design and structure, magazine-style allows you to insert its snippets, summaries and excerpts, so that, your readers may be more enthused of reading the whole article.

  • A screenshot from my theme in my blog.

  • A magazine-style WordPress contains featured article, in which, you can place the latest information about your niche, where it is clearly visible from the very beginning your visitor reaches your blog.
    In replacement for your latest post on top of others, a featured article, which is more useful, can be at hand easily in a magazine-style template. That is, if you’re going to place a featured post in non-magazine-style, it will not be easily recognized as featured, because it has a high possibility of having the same style and structure with your non-featured post. But in magazine-style, featured posts occupy larger space than non-featured, making it easily identifiable by readers.

A screenshot from LoveMayhem, a site of my friend.



A lot of bloggers have tried to switch to magazine-style WordPress theme, thus giving them the following advantages at hand:

  • Improved way of showing and arranging posts
    Magazine-style gives you the opportunity and privilege to manage the arrangement of your posts according to your desire. You can place it in ascending order per category, or according to the number of comments.
  • More organized and further presentable in view
    A design using this style will give you a much better way of organizing the contents of your blog, may it be your posts, categories, tags, sidebar, or even your advertisements. It is one of the superior designs wherein it caters the needs of the readers for them to easily find what they really need to find in your posts.
  • Accommodates better content-management
    The blogger has the freedom which of the posts should settle on top, or should be placed on sides, and has the choice of what are the things should be on this, and there.



Although a lot of bloggers are switching to this new fashion in blogosphere, some glitches still exist when this type of magazine is used, which includes the following:

  • Slow loading time especially to those who are using dial-up
    Since it has numerous of contents to load, slower loading time should be expected, especially to those with slower connection speed.
  • Gives lesser visual impact to those with lower screen resolution
    Because of its several contents which include post, images, videos and others, a higher tendency of exceeding in 800px width is expected, which is, the least screen resolution that a computer has. Thus, horizontal scrollbar will be visible to those with lower screen resolution, which is not recommended for a website to have.
  • Requires a lot of effort in build-up
    Though it gives you fabulous outcome, the building-up of this type of style is tough, and requires much effort and patience. A designer should have wider idea in terms of coding, and blogger should always keep in mind what the theme should need to have in order to be perfectly viewed by visitors.



Since this is already a “hit” in blogosphere, a lot of designers have contributed so many designs already that are ready-to-use, both free and premium. Here are some lists of examples:



Theme Link


Branford Magazine

Theme Link


Comfy Magazine Style

Theme Link


Magasin Uno

Theme Link



Using this style is not a must in order for you to produce greater impact for readers. Some of its features can be placed as well in the typical layout that WordPress has to offer for every blogger. It is still up on the user, and in his/her creativity, skills and capabilities, to imbibe the tweaks to the standard WordPress design.
If you are trying to establish a more-professional site, then the use of this is efficient. Yet, for personal blogs whose contents are of the same niche or category, then the usual design may do, just tweak it into your own liking.



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