How To Make Your WordPress Blog A Multi Author Blog With Revenue Sharing Program

Make Your WordPress Blog A Multi Author Blog With Revenue Sharing Program

When I started my blogging career, the most of the blogs were single author blogs at that time. But the trend has changed now. These days most of the bloggers are converting their blogs from single author blogs to multi author blogs. Multi author blogs are beneficial for both the blog authors and the guest authors. This article provides you a complete info about guest blogging and tutorial about how to make your WordPress blog a multi author blog with revenue sharing program.

Before starting the tutorial, let me give you a brief introduction to guest blogging and revenue sharing program.


What is Guest Blogging?

I hope most of you reading this article are aware of guest blogging but there are many new bloggers who have not even listened about guest blogging. Guest blogging is basically the method of writing blog posts on other multi author blogs. You can be a guest blogger to write posts for other blogs or you can invite other guest bloggers to write posts for your blog.


What is Revenue Sharing Program?

Revenue sharing program means to share the amount of revenue that a blog post earns from advertisements with the guest authors. Almost every blog that features guest blogging, offers revenue sharing to attract more guest bloggers. In a revenue sharing program, you can display your own ads along with your post. Suppose you are going to write a post for a blog that offers 100% revenue sharing. In such case you will get the 100% share of the money that your post earns from your advertisements.


How to Make Your WordPress Blog Multi Author Blog?

I hope now you understand what is guest blogging and revenue sharing program. Now let us move further and follow the steps given below to make your WordPress blog a multi author blog :

  • First sign in to your WordPress Dashboard and go to General under Settings tab on the left hand side.
  • Now put a tick mark on Anyone can register and select the new user default role as Contributor and save the settings.
  • Now give your users the following URL to register to your blog so that they can write posts on your blog :
  • That’s all about the settings. Now your blog users can register to your blog to guest blog on your blog.
  • After doing everything your guest authors may face a problem of Image Uploading. I mean they may not be able to upload the images to the posts. To fix this problem, you can use the Role Manager WordPress plugin.
    Tip : I have written an article to fix the problem of image uploading on my blog. Click here to read the article.


How To Enable Revenue Sharing On Your WordPress Blog?

After making your blog a multi author you may offer revenue sharing program to your guest authors. Revenue sharing program helps to attract more guest authors for your blog. Follow the steps given below to enable revenue sharing program on your blog :

  • First of all you need to install and activate the Author advertising plugin to your WordPress blog.
  • After installing this plugin, go to Settings -> Author Advertising Config and check if the new database table is installed. If it hasn’t been installed then there will be warning message at the top like :

    The database table is not installed, check your db permissions and activate the plugin again or run the following code on phpMyAdmin.

    You can remove this warning by running the provided SQL query in your phpMyAdmin.

  • Now you need to configure this plugin from Settings -> Author Advertising Config.
    These are just the basic settings that are clear from the menu itself. These settings do not need any explanation. Next is the setting for the author page. Have a look at the screenshot :
  • Now enter your adsense code in the Ad Place 1 but before pasting the code replace the actual PUB-ID number with %pubid% and google_ad_slot with %custom1%
    [xml]<script type=”text/javascript”><!–
    google_ad_client = “%pubid%“;
    /* 336×280, created 11/14/09 */
    google_ad_slot = “%custom1%“;
    google_ad_width = 336;
    google_ad_height = 280;
    <script type=”text/javascript”
  • Now last step is to replace the ads in your theme with Author Advertising plugin tags. Open single.php file and replace the ad code in your theme with the following code :

    You can paste it anywhere you want to display the ads.

That’s all about making your WordPress blog a multi author blog with revenue sharing program.


Benefits of Guest Blogging:

Now we have learned about making a multi author blog with revenue sharing program. Let us discuss some benefits of guest blogging. Guest blogging is one thing that is beneficial for both the blog admin and for the guest authors. It gives guest authors the opportunity to gain exposure for their blog from the whole new audience. They also make some money from their article if they write in the revenue sharing program. Guest authors get huge amount of traffic if they write really a decent article. On the other hand the blog admin get great articles from his guest authors. The views of the guest authors may be different from the blog admin. So it helps to keep a blog balanced with different content from different authors. In this way both the blog admins and guest authors get introduced to whole new audience and they are able to make new contacts.

If you have any doubts in making your blog a multi author blog, you can feel free to comment here in this post 🙂

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