How To Make a Living With WordPress?


WordPress? No need to describe it. The easy and powerful CMS, specially designed for bloggers. And now, believe it or not, you can also make a living with WordPress. How?

Let’s see how……

There are many ways by which you can earn money (a lot!) using WordPress niche. We will discuss some most popular ways of them here in this article.


Love Blogging Baby. Just Love It!

Blogging is the popular way to make money on web. You are your own boss and work with freedom. WPWebHost has just published a wonderful article about How To Monetize Your Blog.

So, just make a blog for WordPress and publish your WordPress skills and knowledge there. Build authority there and you are ready to earn.

Trends for WordPress
Trends for WordPress
(by Google Trends)


I Do Article Writing. Why You Should Also?

Writing about WordPress for other blogs or publication can help you in many ways. It builds your authority around the WordPress community (If you are new at blogging and can’t wait till Google SandBox period) and will also help you to make some bucks.

Here is, the list of some sites which pay you for your WordPress related content:-


WPWebHost ($150 per article)

WPWebHost (A WordPress hosting provider) pays you $150 (It’s good amount. isn’t it?) for your WordPress related content.

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Nettuts ($150 per article)

You can also write for Nettuts (Envato Network Blog for web developers) under their CMS’s section, which also contains WordPress along with Joomla, Expression Engine etc. They also pay $150 per article.

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Tutorial 9 ($50 to $300)

Tutorial 9 offers best resources for free. It has blogging section also. So, you can also write for it. They offer $50 to $300 depending upon your work.

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Tutorial 9


SitePoint ($100 to $350)

SitePoint is well known name around the web for its books and forum. You can also write here about WordPress and make 100$ (minimum) by each article.

The money increases with your article popularity. And it may be $350 if you get 100,000 views (Not much tough for being on SitePoint).

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Freelance Switch ($60 per article)

Freelance Switch is the most popular blog for Freelancers. You can also write for its “How-To Section” about WordPress and get $60 for each article.

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Freelance Switch


Pro Blog Design ($70 to $125 per article)

Pro Blog Design is also a popular blog and it also focuses on WordPress. So, you have one more place for paid writing, about WordPress. They offer $70 per article and it may be $125 based on some factors.

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Pro Blog desgin


Freelancing With WordPress

Freelancing is another popular way to make a living on web. Every freelancing site has WordPress related jobs too. You can also apply there with your WordPress experience and make handsome income each month.
Some of the popular freelancing sites which provide WordPress related jobs:

oDesk Wordpres trend
WordPress on oDesk


Be A Creator. Become Millionaire!

You can develop excellent products (services, themes, plugins etc) related to WordPress (Not for every Tom, Dick and Harry, It needs to be like Jack!) and sell them directly through your product website and with different marketing channels or with supporting networks.

You can find a huge list of WordPress related products on Google with a simple search. As, I have discussed above, the WordPress trend is hot nowadays and will continue in the future also.

So, having product related to WordPress may make you millionaire. I am not joking, see Thesis. It is a popular WordPress theme and framework which costs $87 for a single license. The number of thesis user is very large. So in short, it’s money within WordPress.

Thesis Theme


Web Is a Market. Join It For Profit !

There are too many people around the web who sell something. The number of WordPress related products is also great enough to motivate you.

If you are not like jack to create excellent product, then be as Sam. Sam is an Internet marketer who just promotes products related to WordPress and drives his own Ferrari.

The number of WordPress based products is countless and if you have deep knowledge of WordPress and marketing, then it can turn your knowledge into cash.

Affiliate MarketingConcept of Affiliate Marketing Source Wikipedia

You can promote popular products or services using Affiliate Marketing. Internet marketers usually use a sentence, “The money is in list” and you can also use it. Build a list of targeted people who need specific product (I hope you have already) and refer them to affiliate product or service.

If you have not a list in start, then you can build it by authority. Build Authority, Refer Good and Earn More. Follow this rule for joining Internet with intention of profit creation.


The WordPress Stuffs for Promotion

WordPress Hosting: Web hosting is the basic need for every site owner. Thus, Web hosting business is very profitable. You can also join it by affiliate marketing.

WPWebHost and other WordPress hosting providers offer their affiliate program for you. Simply, Join them and refer others to make money by web hosting affiliate program.

WordPress Premium Themes: There are numbers of WordPress users who want Premium themes for making their web presence unique and beautiful. So, promote them.

Google Search premium ThemeSearch Result for WordPress Premium Themes

A simple search for ‘WordPress Premium Theme‘ brings 15,900,000 results. Choose the best theme providers and their affiliate program and do promotion.

Recommendation: Themeforest and Woothemes

Books: WordPress based books are best way to learn WordPress basics and its advance uses. You can go to Amazon or Google to find books which teach WordPress ABC. Promote them, by joining their affiliate programs and make bucks.

Services and Plugins:  There are also some sites and people are here to offer WordPress based services and offer plugins for WordPress customization. Join them by affiliate marketing and earn.

Some plugins or services which offer affiliate program:

So, these are the possible ways by which you can turn your WordPress love into a way for paying your Bills. All you have to do is to try everything discussed above and work hard. I know it is not for all but for those who love WordPress, they will have a go at it.

So what do you think? Please share your opinions by leaving your comments here.

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