30 Techniques To Create An Effective Blog


These days everyone is creating a blog, from celebrities to the boy next door. But most of these blogs are abandoned in a month or two. Do you know why? This is because they don’t provide any quality content. They don’t get any traffic and so the so called hopeless bloggers abandon them. But if you don’t want the same to happen to you, then you have to follow some simple yet really effective techniques. They will help you create a really effective blog. The techniques are as follows:

  1. Write short and on the topic posts. Break up your posts in paragraphs and put them in a logical order. For example: A review is always written in parts like design, performance, new features and verdict. All the parts are on the same topic still not mixed up. It makes a post easier to read and understand.
  2. Blog on your own domain. It attracts search engines’ attention. Moreover it becomes easy to remember xyzstuff.com rather than xyzstuff.abchost.com.
  3. Blog on a particular topic. Don’t mix things like technology and travel stories together on one post or even one blog. A reader interested in books might reach up your blog and read an article or two. But then if he finds no more articles on that topic but some kind of travel stories or other stuff, then he is obviously not going to return.
  4. Write unique content. Don’t follow the beaten track. Coping content from other sources and writing in your own words is not unique content. Unique content is which comes in yours and only yours head.
  5. Write for loyal readers and not for loads of worthless traffic. The blog’s quality is judged by subscribers and not traffic which leaves your blog reading one page or even just the title.
  6. Encourage your readers to comment and help make your blog better. This will provide good co-operation between you and your readers and you will eventually come to know about their likes and dislikes.
  7. Take help in writing content from someone having similar interests. They might also have some creative ideas in their mind jumping out to stick to your blog.
  8. Don’t think you have to know all about the topic which you are writing on. You learn as you write. But keep on reading books and other stuff on the topic you write just to enhance your knowledge.
  9. Do some e-mail interviews to get some popularity. This means doing interviews with the well known and not the one living down the street.
  10. Always answer to questions asked in your e-mails or comments on your blog. The questions will enhance your knowledge and your readers’ also. Give some suggestions if you don’t know the answer but always reply.
  11. Use both text and photos in your blog posts. No one is interested in plain text or just a bunch of photos. Insert related photos on the right spot in your post and only where they are necessary.
  12. Create squidoo lens of some of your greatest posts. The ones discovering your squidoo lens and finding it useful will surely visit your blog.
  13. Use a good template and font that makes your posts easier to read. A great post which is not readable is a waste of time.
  14. Use some great ideas of others, break them up and then create your own. This will help you creating a good and unique content for your blog.
  15. Post regularly. Regularly doesn’t mean daily, it means consistently in a routine. When readers know your posting routine, they will visit your blog when you post. If they don’t know your routine and when they visit your blog and find no new content, they will surely not come back.
  16. Write about different topics so your readers never get bored. But write on topics that you know about and not anything that others are writing about.
  17. Give credit to those who inspired you. It creates a good image of yours in the readers’ mind.
  18. Write in proper language. Take care of your spellings and grammar. If your post is great and useful (according to you) but not written in proper language, then it is not worth reading for others as they will not be able to make out what you have written.
  19. Write a great title which attracts on the first sight. A good post with a bad title is often ignored. Title is the first thing which a reader reads. Then he analysis that is it of his interest or not. If a great post is not given a proper title, even the interested readers might not read it.
  20. Be patient. Don’t give up if you don’t get a lot of readers at once. Rome was not built in one day. You go up the search rankings as your blog grows old and readers pour in and not immediately when it goes online.
  21. Write a detailed post. Don’t be too long or too short in your posts. Longer posts might bore the readers whereas short posts might not provide complete detail.
  22. Don’t give up quality for quantity. Don’t write tons of content which is not useful. It is just a waste of time and nothing more.
  23. Categorize your content properly so that readers have an ease browsing your blog. It makes readers view articles pleasing to their interest. They don’t have to search all the way to read the article they want to.
  24. Provide useful contents which readers are interested in. Don’t write about your husband, kids, uncles and aunts. No one is interested in knowing about someone whom they don’t know.
  25. Write content which is useful either read on the same day or after one year. Don’t write on topics which are useful only when read on the same day. Create sequels of your articles based on stuff which keeps on updating like software, plug-ins etc.
  26. Comment on others blog fairly. Include your opinion and suggestion. Don’t post a comment like “I like this post. You are awesome” on blogs you like. It will be considered as spam. Always remember to include a link to your blog in the comment.
  27. Provide some quizzes, polls and other fun stuff on your blogs. Readers are always interested in them. They provide you a break from posts and help in interacting with the readers. It will be great if you provide a type of weekly content like “Review of the week” or “News of the week” or maybe “Gadget of the week”.
  28. Give some free stuff. Everyone loves freebies. But see your budget first. You could hold a competition for a software license, hardware upgrade, gift card, or even software created by you. Competition grabs a considerable amount of attention.
  29. Don’t fill your blog with useless ads. It distracts the readers. Put up ads that are related to your niche and are even better than your content. You could earn a decent income through this. If possible, market your own stuff. This way you will earn more.
  30. A new advertisement method is “Text Link Ads”. The creators claim that it is a great advertisement method. I totally disagree. I advice you not to put it on your blog. Some readers are in a habit of rolling their cursor over the words as they read. Text link ads interrupt them. It is really frustrating.

20 thoughts on “30 Techniques To Create An Effective Blog

  1. Ishan@ILoveI FreeSoftware - November 19, 2009 at 2:17 pm

    This is a really well written post. I especially like the tip about “Review of the week” – this is very relevant to me.

  2. NSK Punk - November 22, 2009 at 3:45 pm

    It’s good to see that my article helps you. Please post any question you have in your mind regarding blogging. It might just be a great topic to create a full article.

  3. Acuity Designs - November 23, 2009 at 12:20 pm

    In relation to point 26 – use a plugin called Comment Luv

  4. chris - November 24, 2009 at 4:09 pm

    Thank you for the article. In number 3, blog on particular topic. is it ok if my blog has more than 1 topic not just technology but also local news, which include politics. etc but the main topic is tech. My objectives is to give all the latest news .

  5. NSK Punk - November 26, 2009 at 2:36 pm

    Dear Chris,
    My advice will be that if your blog’s main topic is technology, then you should provide news related to tech and not all others because the readers you will get might be expecting some articles related to technology and if they find that your blog is full of local news then they won’t return. Your blog should have a particular topic and then it should be divided into sub categories.

    You can make your blog a newsy blog where you divide the news into categories like technology, politics, stock etc. Or you should make your blog only a technology news blog.

    My suggestion will be that as your blog’s main topic is technology, you focus on tech and it’s news and not other kind of news like politics etc. It will just complicate your blog.

  6. Sergio - December 23, 2009 at 4:43 am

    Hello I loved your tips, but I have a question. For example, in my situation I have a blog that the main aim is informed the people about the last discoveries, interesting facts in astronomy and general science. In this case I think that is difficult to write my own post, because sometimes I need the reference and I need the details about the discover, about the scientific experiment. What your suggestion in this case? Do you think that is terrible for me make a clipping about the last news in science, or in this case is ok?
    Thank you very much for all.
    With the best regards,
    Sergio Sacani Sancevero (from Brazil)

  7. NSK Punk - December 30, 2009 at 2:59 am

    No Sergio, its not at all wrong or bad if you put clippings from the news channels. I would love to see the clippings and I understand how much efort it takes to capture and put up clippings even it is from TV. But one thing that you need to remember is that you should give a credit at the end of the post or video to the channel you captured the video from. Unless you will have to suffer the consequences of copying copyrighted material.

    With Regards

  8. Sudhagaran R - July 9, 2010 at 5:30 am

    Hey thanks man, its really very helpful for me. U gave me a great idea. I created many blogs with different topics, but finally I deleted all the blogs. Your idea is really great. Gonna follow it. Thanks for this precious article.

  9. Douglass Doggett - July 21, 2010 at 11:38 am

    Hello. I just started a blog a few months ago and I’m looking at ways to make it more interesting and interactive to and for my readers.

    You have pointed out some great ideas here and I will follow up on some of them in an attempt to improve our blog.

    Thanks Doug

  10. eGlobalfun blogging - January 5, 2012 at 4:34 pm

    A very well written article on promoting blog i agreed with you that high written content is the favorite of search engines

  11. Federico - February 15, 2012 at 2:07 am

    Great tips. I find this very usefull. If you don’t mind, I’ll translate it to spanish to make a post on my blog and include a link to your work :). If you have any problems with this, just let me know.

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