WPWebHost US Data Center

In early 2015 WPWebHost US Data Center signed a long term lease and began prepping their new data center space located in the Denver Tech Center area, about 25 minutes south of the downtown Denver data center. We have a sizable cage and two private offices at the data center. The entire facility boasts some very impressive specifications, including over 15 years of continuous uptime.

In the event of a utility power failure, diesel generator will start immediately and carry the entire data center load. The data center facility is located in a building that has 24×7 on site security. Their network is powered by a pair of redundant Juniper M5 routers and Cisco 6500 series switches. All of our edge and core equipment is interconnected in a full network mesh to provide maximum redundancy and salability.

US Data Center

Data Center Highlights

Data Center Facility: Purpose built data center facility featuring dual utility feeds, 2N UPS Power, N+1 Generator, N+1 Mechanical, ample fuel and makeup water stored on site, dual action dry pipe fire suppression with FM-200 and early warning fire detection system.

Rack Space: Locking 42U Dell 4210 Racks with optional dedicated front and rear door key card access and or biometric readers.

Power: 2N Power Configuration, delivering up to a total of 10kW per rack, UPS and generator backed power. 100% uptime SLA.

Network: 8 carriers onNet, and affordable blend of in-house traffic that includes Level(3), Hurricane Electric, Telia and XO. Below market cross connect pricing. We maintain diverse 10G connectivity back to our downtown Denver data center.

Security: 24×7 on-site security with robust physical security controls including perimeter fences, man traps, zoned access and video security coverage of the entire data center campus. Controls are verified by rigorous SSAE 16 Type II audits.

Environmental Systems: Proven environmental systems have provided over 15 years of continuous uptime.

Electrical Specifications

  • 10 MW Utility Feed from dual substations
  • Four 2,500 KVA utility transformers
  • Dual ATOs provide automatic switching between utility substations
  • Multiple 750KW UPSs feed on-floor five and four panel PDUs provide up to 2.6MW critical IT load
  • 9.6MW N+1 Generator Capacity
  • 60,000 gallon on site fuel storage
  • All power infrastructure maintained by a dedicated team of on-site electricians and electrical engineers
  • 100% critical power availability SLA

Fire Prevention

  • Dual Action Dry Pipe Sprinkler System
  • FM-200 or Halon 1301 gas based fire suppression
  • Above and below floor smoke detectors
  • Incipient Early Warning Fire Detection System
  • Hydrogen Detectors located in all UPS Battery Rooms

Physical Security

  • SSAE16 SOC I Type II Audited Controls
  • Fenced Campus, Secure Entrances
  • Fences equipped with vibration detection alarms
  • Card reader access control system, fully logged and audited
  • Cards automatically deactivated after 30 days of non-usage
  • Biometric validation or security escort required to access raised floor area
  • Man trap required to access raised floor areas
  • 24×7 Onsite Security, 2 officers per shift
  • 8×5 Security Supervisor
  • Hourly Manned Patrols
  • Recorded, monitored video surveillance of all entrances, building exterior, and interior corridors with over 120 CCTV units and monition activation
  • DVR recording of all cameras with 30-90 day retention

Mechanical Specifications

  • 1,500 ton N+1 centrifugal chillers
  • 45,000 gallon backup water (cooling)
  • Efficient mechanical systems that utilize water side economizers and free cooling
  • Downflow air handlers featuring dual electronically controlled variable speed fans
  • Standard cooling up to 150 watts per square foot
  • Hot spot cooling can support loads of up to 30kW per rack
  • Johnson Controls Metasys building management system
  • Temperature, humidity and baseline alarms are handled 24×7 by onsite HVAC technicians
  • 100% Cooling SLA

Network Carriers

  • AT&T
  • CenturyLink
  • Comcast
  • Level(3)
  • Verizon
  • twtelecom
  • XO
  • Zayo